Service Price

Basic TV Mounting Service

What’s included:​
Installation of 1 customer-supplied TV mounting bracket
Securing the TV and load-testing mount
TV mounting is for drywall only
(no cable concealment)

TV Mounting with Wiremold Concealment

What’s included:​
Basic Mounting Service
1 x Wiremold KIT
Cord concealment within cord cover
(Plastic Wiremold cover on-top drywall)

TV Mounting with Drywall Concealment

What’s included:
Basic Mounting Service
Additional cables may be required but are not included
(requires installing faceplates into drywall)

Electrical Outlet Installation

What’s included:
Single-Gang PVC Electrical Box
Outlet and Faceplate
Pricing varies by job
(Electrician required for some jobs)

Soundbar Installation

What’s included:
Mount customer sound bar to wall